Why is Dating in 2019 is so hard? 5 Surprising Reasons

The advent of new technologies such as the Internet should be making life easier in a number of ways. What many people find however is that these new technologies introduce new challenges. The world of dating is no exception and there are many challenges that people have in 2019 while dating that make it significantly harder than ever before to maintain a serious relationship. Here are five surprising reasons why Dating is so challenging in 2019.

1) Online Dating has Made People Disposable: Many people have turned to online dating in 2019 and for those out of the dating season this seems to make it really easy to date. While it is likely easier to find someone to date in 2019, Dating is more challenging overall. This is because the added variety available when dating in 2019 has made people more disposable.

Instead of taking a date seriously, many people will try to extract some quick pleasure from a date knowing that they can find someone quickly for another date if they are too aggressive or have a bad attitude. This makes people less likely to treat a date seriously and even kindly. The wealth of options also makes people more hesitant to settle while dating even though settling when dating someone less than Prince Charming is inevitable. The grass is always greener and internet dating has made this much more obvious to people as they can see other singles online.

2) Many People Don’t Want to Settle Down: In 2019, Many people who aren’t dating simply do not want to settle down and have families. Many couples and individuals will push out the start of the family further and further out even to the point where they can no longer have children by the time they are ready to settle down. Instead, many people focus on their careers and social life spending time traveling and learning about themselves rather than looking to date seriously. This makes dating much harder for those who are looking for serious commitments or four settled relationships that fit the norms that their parents and grandparents had. For those not looking to settle down into marriage and family life, dating is still challenging as many look to their own interests and treat dating more casually than they might otherwise treat it to be.

3) Sex is Readily Available: In the past, one of the major reasons people dated and got into serious relationships is in order to have sex. In 2019, sex is much more readily given and shared between partners. Many men will often demand sex after the third date and not go out with women who don’t provide sexual intercourse at this juncture. This makes it extremely challenging for couples and may push two people into a more immediate sexual relationship than they are ready for, adding an added challenge for dating.

4) Social Interactions Online are Making Public Interactions Harder: Social skills have changed partly due to the amount of time people spend communicating online versus in person. Many daters feel more comfortable flirting online than in person and have limited interpersonal skills. Interacting on first dates and stepping out of your comfort zone becomes challenging for many people. This makes dating more difficult in 2019 than ever before.

5) Gender Equality is Leading to Dating Challenges: In 2019, Many people understand the importance of gender equality. However, while Most people understand this, many individuals still long for traditional dating experiences where men hold doors open for ladies, pay the check for dinner, and open a car door. Women often look for women who cook them dinner, devote themselves to their own careers, and who are docile. These gender stereotypes can be hard to find and can disrupt dating. Situations in which women earn more than men can further complicate relationships as well. Many people seek out these traditional relationships but find them hard to locate and find the right person in.

Dating in 2019 is challenging and requires a different set of skills and a different outlook than ever before. Patience and perseverance are essential when dating in 2019. Consider this as a major challenge and stick with it until you find the right partner for you.